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In my 30 years of education experience, never have i come across such a novel and unique concept for all round development of our young minds! What i truly enjoyed was there execution – it was extremely creative enjoyable, interactive and impactful at the same time. Monke-e-wise celebrates and encourages the right tenets of education in our rapidaly changing word.

Mrs. Tapati Chatterjee, Executive Director M P School

Monkewise is A fun based learning program for kids. It emphasises on teaching our culture and history through modern methods suitable in todays time. lkrup had a great
time and would love to go back for further activities.

Shefali Singh, Mother of lkrup Singh

kudos team monkewise..
wonderful effort your are putting in developing young minds for there better future.
My child really enjoyed her time with the teachers and students there. i am impressed with the programme designed. Look forward for further engagements.

Shruti Talwar, Mother of Asmara Talwar

We are very happy with the team from Monk.e.Wise. They teach our children about hygiene, recycling and communication through nice activities. Children are able to speak a little bit in English.

Mr.Balwant, Director, Dagar Public School, Khoh Village.

Monk.e.Wise summer camp was one of the most promising and engaging programs my children have attended. Ranging from language, art, steam, coding to even dramatics… fills my heart with joy to see amazing results with engaging and loving teachers. The childrens are so looking forward to enjoying and benefiting from regular classes at Monk.e.Wise.

Nandini Shamlal m/o Mahima and Shiv Shamlal

Both my sons Aryavir and Aryaman enjoy their spanishclass.Now they have recently startetMonk.e.Voyagers, which they simply love.Kudos to Monk.e.Wise for making it so much fun.

Ruchica Gulati, M/o Aryavir& Aryaman Gulati

I fall short of words when I have to thank Monk.e.Wise for everything, the way their teachers handle kids, the way they teach them and a lot more. Inayat is blessed to have a mentor from Monk.e.Wise and I wish if i could have got teachers just like these in my school time. She misses the teachers a lot and will re-join the classes as soon as possible.Thank you so much once again.

Shivani Makkar mother of Inayat Makkar

I had organised a summer camp for a week and the kids had a great time learning all about France! Their favourite activity was the robot brush! Thank you Monk.e.Wise team

Tamanna Chadha m/o Sahira and Aarna Chadha

The teacher sent by Monk.e.Wise are teaching our students very well about nature and our surroundings through various activities and lectures. there attitude towards all of the students is very affectionate and welcoming.

Mrs. Anita Sharma, Principal G P School, Rampura

Monk.e.wise has been a great learning for Veer. He picked up a new language (Spanish) with the help of the fabulous teachers and the great audio visual aids they used for
quick and easy learning. Most of all, Veer always looks forward to his MeW classes thanks to the passion behind MeW

Neha Verma, Mother of Veer Verma

My son has had an excellent and enriching experience with Monk.e.Wise. He looks forward to the classes and thoroughly enjoys the play way method of the classes.

Chetali Goyal, Mother of Shrihan goyal

Gauransh was a little cranky at the time of joining the Monk.e.Wise classes but gradually he started getting involved and enjoying the classes with the help of the teachers. Really hope to see you soon and thank you for your cooperation.

Ruchi Arora M/o Gauransh Arora

Kayaan just loves the Monk.e.Wise classes and he is very eager to continue the classes. He will surely come back after the summer break. He has learnt a lot and, he enjoys a lot. Thank you so much for everything.

Richa mother of Kayaan

Monk e wise’smonki monks are getting wiser everyday!!! With the best team who works hard for the monks to enjoy every activity and learn so much!

Shikha Luthra m/o Tairadawar

My daughter loves to attend her ballet classes at Monk.e.Wise. The teachers are attentive and pleasant and the staff is always watchful of the children. Highly recommend their classes to all.

Sunanda kashyap m/o Armaana Kashyap

I had organised a summer camp for a week and the kids had a great time learning all about France! Their favourite activity was the robot brush! Thank you Monk.e.Wise team.

Jaya Modi m/o Jai &Tarini Modi