M&M Learning on Wheels Curriculum

The name of our vehicle is M&M Learning on Wheels. M&M stands for Mo and Maya, they are our brand puppets who take us through our learning on wheels. Our vehicle moves around the colony while the fun lesson is in progress.
The M&M Learning on Wheels is a mobile classroom that moves around the colonies once during the session to educate them on the given module. It’s a 30 seat Vehicle
We have 7 values which we try to endorse on children for a brighter generation. They are Introspective Indian, Proud Indian, Logical Indian, Responsible Indian, Wise Indian, Global Indian, Aware Indian.
The vehicle curriculum uses advanced learning technologies like AVs, gesture apps and 3D models. We also encounter the use of experiments and project words to get a hand felt experience.
It’s a great way to engage children to learn in an outdoor yet safe environment. We believe children find it easier to learn when they can view, touch, feel and experience.