A Parent’s Guide to Promote Smart Learning during a Child’s Early Years

It’s tough – if not impossible – to carve out a right framework for your children. And to be honest, promoting smart learning for your child is anything but child’s play. As adults, watching your children grow, you might get stuck when it comes to providing the right learning environment to them. You might think that they are struggling. Children, however, are equipped with all the skills that they need to learn from a very tender age.

The rigid learning framework becomes the hurdle in your child’s growth and hampers their learning experience. 

Every child has certain qualities. Children learn at their own pace. There are many essential skills that children need to develop at the right time which builds the base of their growth. Helping children in understanding their lessons and keeping up with the set structure of education might be difficult or many parents and teachers. It might seem that teaching  a child or develop certain skills in them is difficult. But with proper methods and a little bit of understanding, you can nourish the young mind of your child and help them grow.

Understanding young minds and how it should develop in early years

The initial years of a child are the years when he/she learns the most and develops some crucial skills that form the foundation of their life ahead. Around this time, they should be exposed to communication skills, helped to develop language skills, interact with others, understand and follow instructions. Therefore, you need to think beyond subject-centric education and refrain from stressing on mathematics, English, science, etc.

 “Children develop essential skills in early learning years, it’s the right time to build a strong foundation for bright future.”

Children also develop memory skills through learning and retaining their lessons. According to different researches, children should evolve language, music, creative and other skills in the early years. This is because it helps them to grow and acquire all the necessary skills. Thus, early years of a child are critical for the development on both emotional and intellectual levels.

Struggles Faced during Early Learning

Building an effective learning framework for children is not easy. There are many challenges that parents, teachers, and guardians might face while adopting the right learning framework for children. Some of their struggles are listed below:

Lack of interest

Children might feel the lack of interest in learning what you are trying to teach. When children do have any interest in their lessons, it might become difficult for them to learn and develop different skills. They will not retain any lesson in which they did not have any interest at all.




Children are different from adults. While adults might sit and concentrate for long hours, children have a short attention period. Although children have short term concentration, they have the amazing learning and retaining capabilities.

How Can a Smart Learning Plan be Developed that Removes All the Struggles?

“Every child is unique. They have different strengths and weaknesses that need care.”

Smart learning is not about helping children mug up their lessons. It is all about enhancing strong qualities of your child and helping them grow. This interest will allow him/her to understand the lessons and retain it for a longer period of time.

Make it a Play

A wide number of researches have revealed that children learn better while they are enjoying themselves. When children are laughing and having fun, their young mind actively accepts and retain information provided to them.


Apart from learning lessons, there are many necessary skills that your child needs to develop. Engaging them in interesting activities or classes can support their growth. For example, language class can help strengthen their communication, memory, language usage, etc. When children take part in music, art or any other activity, they develop creativity apart from interacting with other children. This develops their social skills and affects the way they bond with the group.

A right environment – right people, place, and activities nurture young minds providing wings to their dreams and imagination. This also helps them to become independent individuals who have all the qualities to create bright future and make their contribution to the society as a whole.

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